Our pieces are made of durable fabrics, catered to slow fashion & timeless clothing. For clean, simple and comfortable  living.

Jomei Pant Suit


Our mission is to create a female driven production house. Our goal is to create a safe haven that will provide unprivileged woman with opportunities in the fashion industry and strengthen their independence.

We donate 2% of your purchase price to the Howe Sound Women's Centre Society. The Women’s Centre offers emergency housing through Pearl’s Place Transition House and Pearl’s Safe Home, children and youth focused programs such as Children Who Witness Abuse counselling, Working Through Separation and Divorce counselling, and Violence is Preventable education, multicultural outreach, as well as health and wellness programs for women.

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Your wounds and imperfections are your beauty. Like the broken pottery mended with gold, we are all Kintsugi.

For the creation of these pieces, we drew inspiration from the Japanese art form of kintsugi. In this practice, the shattered becomes whole again and is even more beautiful for its fractures. Its history honoured—not hid.

Slow fashion helps us express ourselves, what we stand for and what we feel, through the clothes we wear.